Otopeni City Gardens

Our project aims to build a residential complex with 151 exclusively individual houses in Otopeni, Fermei area, on Drumul Garii Balotesti street no. 58-62, Ilfov county. The street is paved until the entrance to the complex.

The architectural line used by our specialists is a modern one with a different vision from what the current real estate market generally offers and which adapts perfectly to the requirements of the clients of the current real estate market.

As international developers we can say that we offer the best services in the field of construction at the best prices at the moment: villas with 4 & 5 rooms, plots of land of 330sqm for both 4-room villas and 5-room villas.

The name of the residential complex “Otopeni City Gardens” comes from the desire to meet the needs of our customers, through quality individual housing, landscaped green spaces and recreation areas.

The residential complex “Otopeni City Gardens” will include 151 individual houses, shopping center, kindergarten, playgrounds, landscaped green spaces, outdoor pool, car parking spaces for visitors.

The villas are sold with bank or cash credit, we have no installments from the developer.

Make a choice inspired by the lifestyle you want, choosing the “Otopeni City Gardens” residential complex.

Soon we are starting a new villa project in Otopeni, Odai – Grivita area, Ciprian Porumbescu street which will have a total number of 74 villas, children’s playground, kindergarten, commercial area: Odai City Gardens. www.OdaiCityGardens.ro