Otopeni City Gardens

Our project proposes the construction of a residential complex with 151 houses in Otopeni, Fermei area, on Drumul Garii Balotesti Street, no. 58-62, Ilfov County.

The architectural line used by our specialists is a modern one with a different view of what the market offers today, which perfectly adapts to the requirements of the current real estate market clients: individual villas (not duplexes or villas), 5-room villa ) and a land area of 330 square meters.

As international developers we can say that we offer the best services in the field of construction to the best prices at this moment: individual villa, 5 rooms, land 330mp and a promotional fee.

The name of the residential complex “Otopeni City Gardens” comes from the desire to meet the needs of our clients, through individual quality dwellings and landscaped green spaces.

The residential complex “Otopeni City Gardens” will include 151 INDIVIDUAL HOUSES, commercial center, kindergarten, playgrounds, landscaped green spaces, outdoor swimming pool, car parking places.

We offer our clients lots of land up to 330mp and individual 5-room houses, having a total surface of approximately 212sqm. And in also 4 rooms, individual houses, P+1, 120sqm.

We are currently working with Comercial Romanien Bank and Kiwi Finance, an accredited real estate broker for those who want to buy a property in Otopeni City Gardens.

Make an inspired choice of the lifestyle you want, choosing the residential complex Otopeni City Gardens.